North Shore Lake Tahoe Kayak Rentals

Crystal Bay Lake Tahoe boulder fieldOne of the most fun and exciting things to do on Lake Tahoe is to explore the beaches and rocky shoreline by kayak. Enjoy the calm, peaceful and glassy mornings or play in the afternoon swells that come with the afternoon winds. Surround yourself with Tahoe’s beauty and get a great work out. It’s easy to do with Tahoe Eco-Sports.

Tahoe Eco-Sports of Lake Tahoe has kayaks for rent and for sale. Our kayak shop is open 7 days a week 364 days a year! We carry new, new/used, and consignment kayaks. We also carry all the gear you will need for your kayak. Tahoe Eco-Sports is the only year round kayak shop on Lake Tahoe. That’s right we kayak spring, summer, fall and winter! Many people prefer the off seasons and winter kayaking because you have the whole lake to yourself and you see wildlife that you don’t see the rest of the year.

Tahoe Eco-Sports has a large inventory of kayaks for your next adventure on Lake Tahoe. We carry sit on top kayaks for easy paddling. You don’t need any experience for the sit on top kayaks but they will get you to the same places that a sit inside kayak will take you. One advantage to the sit on top kayak is that it is basically half raft and half kayak so you can get in and out easily. This kayak is typically very stable and comes in a single or double kayak. We can sometimes add a third person (under 50 lbs) to the middle of a double kayak if need be.

Guided kayak tour on Lake TahoeWe also carry sit inside kayaks, which do require some experience to paddle. We require that you have had some self rescue training to rent this kayak. You don’t have to know how to roll this kayak but you must know how to use the safety gear that we supply with this kayak. These kayaks come in single and double kayaks with no option for a third person (unless we have a three person sit inside kayak in stock). One way to get to paddle a sit inside kayak is to take a guided kayak tour where you will not only get to paddle your kayak with an experienced guide you will also receive some basic skills for self rescue. Another way to get in a sit inside kayak is to take a lesson with us while staying here in Lake Tahoe. If you are in from out of town check out for deals on Lake Tahoe hotels… and use the savings to kayak with Tahoe Eco-Sports! Tahoe Eco-Sports can accommodate the lone kayaker as well as large groups up 50 people from our shop.

Friday Evening Concert Paddle

Paddle out on Fridays at 5 pm to enjoy the free beach concerts in Kings Beach! Stay out on the water until the end of the music (around 9 pm) and then return to the shop – All for just $25! The weekly concerts run all of July and August with the very last one on August 31st.

Tahoe Arctic Kayak / SUP Rental Rates

2-4 Hrs
Single Sit-on-Top $40
Double Sit-on-Top $60
SUP / Single Sit-In (Expert Only) $50
Double Sit-In (Expert Only) $70
Dry Suit (Required) $20
Wet Dry/Top (Required) $10
  • Experience required for winter kayak rentals
  • Rentals available 10am to 2pm
  • Back by 5pm weather permitting
  • Call for reservations and information – (530) 546-2780